Proverbs 7, 3Christ is passing by164

Proverbs 8, 15Christ is passing by180

Proverbs 8, 31Christ is passing by44102Friends of God152

Proverbs 11, 2Christ is passing by6Friends of God96

Proverbs 12, 10Christ is passing by40

Proverbs 12, 11Christ is passing by158

Proverbs 16, 21Friends of God85

Proverbs 18, 15Friends of God88

Proverbs 18, 19The Way460

Proverbs 21, 28The Forge483

Proverbs 23, 26Christ is passing by35Friends of God182211

Proverbs 24, 16Friends of God131215

Proverbs 28, 20Furrow786