John 1, 4Christ is passing by66

John 1, 9–12The Forge1

John 1, 14Christ is passing by173Friends of God74

John 1, 18Friends of God111

John 1, 38–39Christ is passing by108

John 1, 40–51The Forge6

John 2, 1–11Christ is passing by61Furrow631The Way502507

John 2, 3Christ is passing by141Friends of God237The Forge807

John 2, 5Christ is passing by149

John 2, 11Friends of God285

John 2, 14–17The Forge546

John 2, 14Friends of God221

John 3, 1–15The Way841

John 3, 5Christ is passing by180

John 3, 8Conversations2331The Way110

John 3, 16–17Conversations112

John 3, 16Friends of God251Furrow290

John 3, 30Christ is passing by58Conversations59

John 4, 4Christ is passing by61

John 4, 6Christ is passing by117Friends of God128176

John 4, 7Friends of God201

John 4, 10Christ is passing by35147Conversations72

John 4, 14Friends of God307The Way148

John 4, 27Friends of God176

John 4, 34Christ is passing by95Friends of God201294The Way766

John 4, 35Christ is passing by146

John 4, 36Friends of God57

John 5, 7Furrow212954The Forge168

John 6, 1–13The Forge341

John 6, 5Friends of God256

John 6, 7Friends of God256

John 6, 8–9Friends of God256The Forge674

John 6, 12–13Friends of God121

John 6, 14–15The Forge304542

John 6, 35The Forge824

John 6, 38–40Conversations1

John 6, 57Christ is passing by118

John 6, 61Friends of God235

John 6, 69Christ is passing by83

John 6, 70Christ is passing by4583

John 7, 1Friends of God107

John 7, 3Friends of God107

John 7, 5Furrow251

John 7, 10Friends of God4152The Way843

John 7, 37Christ is passing by93170

John 7, 39Christ is passing by96

John 8, 1–11Christ is passing by7

John 8, 12Christ is passing by45The Forge1158

John 8, 32Friends of God26141171The Forge842

John 8, 36Friends of God35

John 8, 46Friends of God224

John 9, 1–2Christ is passing by67Friends of God192

John 9, 6–7Friends of God192

John 9, 6The Forge370

John 9, 8Christ is passing by69

John 9, 15Christ is passing by69

John 9, 19–20Christ is passing by69

John 9, 24Christ is passing by69

John 9, 27Christ is passing by70

John 9, 34Christ is passing by71

John 9, 39–41Christ is passing by71

John 10, 1–31Christ is passing by34

John 10, 11The Forge319

John 10, 14Friends of God1

John 10, 16The Forge638

John 10, 17–18Friends of God25

John 10, 24Christ is passing by67

John 11, 16Christ is passing by2

John 11, 21The Forge495

John 11, 33–35Friends of God128

John 11, 33–36The Way422

John 11, 33Christ is passing by146

John 11, 35Christ is passing by117

John 11, 39The Way719

John 11, 41Friends of God239

John 11, 43Christ is passing by93The Forge211476The Way719

John 11, 53The Way694

John 12, 1–3Friends of God126The Way974

John 12, 5Friends of God126

John 12, 14–15The Forge607

John 12, 14–16The Way606

John 12, 15Christ is passing by181

John 12, 20–22Friends of God252

John 12, 24Christ is passing by157The Forge1013The Way199938

John 12, 32Christ is passing by1438105156183Conversations59The Forge678685

John 13, 1Christ is passing by83151

John 13, 4–5Friends of God103

John 13, 6–9Furrow266

John 13, 12–14Friends of God103

John 13, 15Christ is passing by94Friends of God103

John 13, 18Furrow204

John 13, 23Friends of God125The Forge496

John 13, 25Christ is passing by83

John 13, 34–35Christ is passing by21Conversations98Friends of God43222224The Forge454889The Way385

John 14, 1Christ is passing by164

John 14, 2–3Friends of God220

John 14, 2Christ is passing by100

John 14, 6Christ is passing by1073157Friends of God26127220306Furrow678The Forge818

John 14, 9Christ is passing by115Friends of God52

John 14, 16–17Christ is passing by128

John 14, 18Furrow149

John 14, 21Christ is passing by118170

John 14, 23Christ is passing by84103170Friends of God306

John 14, 27Friends of God117The Way258

John 15, 1–7The Forge932

John 15, 1–8The Way701

John 15, 2The Way701

John 15, 5Christ is passing by16153Friends of God70254305Furrow697The Forge425437The Way416781

John 15, 8Furrow208

John 15, 10Christ is passing by118

John 15, 12Furrow727

John 15, 13Christ is passing by93107Friends of God287

John 15, 15Christ is passing by93Conversations102Friends of God315Furrow629750

John 15, 16Friends of God312Furrow217The Forge915

John 16, 7Christ is passing by102118

John 16, 12–13Christ is passing by127

John 16, 14Christ is passing by130

John 17, 3Friends of God1

John 17, 6–7Christ is passing by109

John 17, 11The Forge647

John 17, 15–16The Forge569

John 17, 19Friends of God9

John 17, 21The Way968

John 17, 22The Forge647

John 17, 23Christ is passing by87157Friends of God154

John 18, 20Furrow50

John 18, 36Christ is passing by180185

John 18, 37Christ is passing by180The Forge1004

John 19, 1–3The Forge711

John 19, 22Furrow604

John 19, 25–27Christ is passing by140171The Way144

John 19, 25Friends of God287Furrow51248977The Forge758The Way507508982

John 19, 26–27Friends of God288The Way506

John 19, 26The Forge589

John 19, 28Friends of God202

John 19, 30Christ is passing by95162

John 19, 34Christ is passing by162Friends of God311

John 19, 38–42The Way841

John 19, 39Christ is passing by37

John 20, 1–10The Forge660

John 20, 1The Forge625676

John 20, 14The Way843

John 20, 19–20Friends of God153

John 20, 24–25Furrow684

John 20, 27Friends of God145

John 20, 28Christ is passing by119Friends of God145

John 20, 29Christ is passing by106

John 21, 1–8The Forge574

John 21, 2–4Friends of God265

John 21, 4–7Friends of God266

John 21, 4The Way843

John 21, 5–13Christ is passing by108

John 21, 6–11Furrow377

John 21, 7The Forge422

John 21, 8Friends of God267

John 21, 15–17Friends of God267

John 21, 15The Forge497

John 21, 17Christ is passing by119Friends of God17Furrow326964The Forge176497