Galatians 1, 18The Way520

Galatians 2, 9Christ is passing by2

Galatians 2, 19Friends of God304The Forge786

Galatians 2, 20Christ is passing by58103Friends of God297Furrow424892

Galatians 3, 11Conversations677292

Galatians 3, 26–28Conversations87

Galatians 3, 27–28Conversations14

Galatians 3, 28Christ is passing by38Furrow303

Galatians 4, 4–6Christ is passing by2265136183

Galatians 4, 4–7The Way512

Galatians 4, 31Christ is passing by137179Conversations3498Friends of God112635171297

Galatians 5, 9Friends of God9

Galatians 5, 22–23Christ is passing by137

Galatians 5, 22Friends of God92

Galatians 6, 1–2Friends of God4469173236

Galatians 6, 2Christ is passing by157The Forge557The Way385

Galatians 6, 7Christ is passing by59

Galatians 6, 10Friends of God225

Galatians 7, 11–17Christ is passing by146