Philippians 1, 1The Way469

Philippians 1, 6Christ is passing by176

Philippians 2, 5–8Friends of God97111201236

Philippians 2, 6–8Christ is passing by19213162113144162

Philippians 2, 7–10The Forge1021

Philippians 2, 8The Way628

Philippians 3, 19Friends of God43

Philippians 3, 20Christ is passing by126Friends of God300

Philippians 3, 21Friends of God98

Philippians 4, 5Furrow53

Philippians 4, 12–13Friends of God123213271305

Philippians 4, 13Christ is passing by120The Forge232337656The Way717

Philippians 4, 21Christ is passing by96