List of points

There are 7 points in The Way refer to Expiation.

Atonement: this is the path that leads to Life.

How afraid people are of atonement! If all that they do for appearance's sake, to please the world, were done with purified intention for God… what saints many would be!

If we are generous in voluntary atonement Jesus will fill us with grace to love the trials he sends us.

Let your will exact from your senses, by means of atonement, what your other faculties deny your will in prayer.

How we ennoble suffering, giving it its right place (atonement) in the spiritual order!

To punish out of Love: this is the secret that raises to a supernatural plane the punishment of those who deserve it.

For the love of God, who has been offended, let punishment serve as reparation. For the love of our neighbour and for the sake of God, let it be imposed, never as revenge, but as health-giving medicine.

If you want to give yourself to God in the world, rather than being scholarly (women needn't be scholars: it's enough for them to be prudent) you must be spiritual, closely united to our Lord by prayer: you must wear an invisible cloak that will cover each and every one of your senses and faculties: praying, praying, praying; atoning, atoning, atoning.