Acts 1, 1Christ is passing by21182Conversations62Friends of God115163The Forge694The Way342

Acts 1, 6Christ is passing by117

Acts 1, 8Christ is passing by119Conversations51

Acts 1, 11Christ is passing by180

Acts 1, 12–14Christ is passing by119126141

Acts 1, 14Friends of God242The Forge297

Acts 2, 1–42Furrow213226

Acts 2, 9–11Christ is passing by13127

Acts 2, 9Furrow186

Acts 2, 11Friends of God265

Acts 2, 32Conversations51

Acts 2, 37–41Christ is passing by127

Acts 2, 42Christ is passing by134153Friends of God242

Acts 3, 4The Forge36

Acts 3, 6Christ is passing by71Friends of God262Furrow782The Forge287

Acts 4, 8Christ is passing by127

Acts 4, 12Christ is passing by132

Acts 4, 31Christ is passing by127

Acts 4, 32Conversations123The Forge632

Acts 5, 40–41Furrow283

Acts 9, 1–25Conversations4

Acts 9, 1–30The Way799

Acts 9, 6Christ is passing by149Friends of God27The Forge238754

Acts 9, 36Christ is passing by30

Acts 10, 24–48Christ is passing by30

Acts 10, 34Conversations40

Acts 10, 38Christ is passing by16166Friends of God221

Acts 10, 44–47Christ is passing by127

Acts 12, 5Friends of God242

Acts 12, 15The Way570

Acts 13, 2–4Christ is passing by127

Acts 13, 32–33Christ is passing by186

Acts 13, 38–41Christ is passing by186

Acts 16, 9–10Christ is passing by163

Acts 18, 1–3Conversations89

Acts 18, 1–26Christ is passing by30

Acts 18, 3Conversations4

Acts 18, 24–26Friends of God269

Acts 18, 24–28Conversations89

Acts 20, 28Conversations119

Acts 21, 5Friends of God14

Acts 26, 22–23Friends of God270

Acts 26, 27Friends of God270

Acts 26, 28–29Friends of God270

Acts 28, 26Furrow31