There are some who pass through life as through a tunnel, without ever understanding the splendour, the security and the warmth of the sun of faith.

With what infamous lucidity does Satan storm against our Catholic faith!

But, let us tell him always, without stopping to argue: I am a son of the Church.

You feel a gigantic faith. He who gives you that faith, will give you the means.

It is Saint Paul who tells you, apostolic soul: 'The just man lives by faith'.

How is it that you are letting your fire die out?

Faith — It is a pity to see how abundantly many Christians have it on their lips, and how sparingly they put it into their actions.

One would think it a virtue to be preached only, and not one to be practised.

Humbly ask God to increase your faith. And then, with new lights, you will fully appreciate the difference between the paths of the world and your way as an apostle.

How humbly and simply the Gospels relate incidents that show up the weak and wavering faith of the apostles!

So that you and I won't lose hope of some day achieving the strong unshakable faith those first few afterwards had.

How beautiful is our Catholic faith! It provides a solution for all our anxieties, calms our minds and fills our hearts with hope.

I'm not one for miracles. I have told you that in the holy Gospel I can find more than enough to confirm my faith. — But I can't help pitying those Christians — pious people, 'apostles' many of them — who smile at the idea of extraordinary ways, of supernatural events. I feel the urge to tell them: Yes, this is still the age of miracles: we too would work them if we had faith!

Stir up that fire of faith. Christ is not a figure that has passed. He is not a memory that is lost in history.

He lives! 'Jesus Christus heri et hodie, ipse et in saecula', says Saint Paul. — 'Jesus Christ is the same to-day as he was yesterday and as he will be for ever'.

If your faith were the size of a mustard seed!

What promises are contained in this exclamation of the Master!

God is the same as always. It is men of faith that are needed: and then, there will be a renewal of the wonders we read of in the Gospel.

Ecce non est abbreviata manus Domini, God's arm, his power, has not grown weaker!

They have no faith. But they have plenty of superstitions. We laughed and at the same time felt sorry when that 'strong character' became alarmed on hearing a particular word — which, of itself, meant nothing, but for him was unlucky — or on seeing someone break a mirror!

Omnia possibilia sunt credenti. Everything is possible for anyone who has faith. The words are Christ's.

How is it that you don't say to him with the Apostles: 'Increase my faith' ?

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References to Holy Scripture
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References to Holy Scripture
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