Don't forget it: he has most who needs least. Don't create needs for yourself.

Detach yourself from the goods of the world. Love and practise poverty of spirit: be content with what enables you to live a simple and sober life.

Otherwise, you will never be an apostle.

Rather than in not having, true poverty consists in being detached, in voluntarily renouncing one's dominion over things.

That is why there are poor who are really rich. And vice-versa.

If you are a man of God, you will seek to despise riches as intensely as men of the world seek to possess them.

What attachment to the things of the earth! Soon they will slip from your grasp, for the rich man cannot take his riches with him to the grave.

You haven't got the spirit of poverty if, when you are able to choose in such a way that your choice is not noticed, you do not select for yourself what is worst.

'Divitiae, si affluant, nolite cor apponere, though riches may increase keep your heart detached.' Strive to use them generously. And, if necessary, heroically.

Be poor of spirit.

You don't love poverty if you don't love what poverty brings with it.

What holy resources poverty has! Do you remember? It was a time of financial distress for that apostolic undertaking and you had given without stint down to your last penny.

And he, a priest of God, said to you: 'I too will give you all that I have,' You knelt, and heard: 'May the blessing of almighty God, the Father, the Son and the holy Spirit, descend upon you and remain with you for ever'.

You are still convinced that you were well paid.

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