Presence of God

Children… How they seek to behave worthily in the presence of their parents.

And the children of kings, in the presence of their father the king, how they seek to uphold the royal dignity!

And you? — Don't you realize that you are always in the presence of the great King, God, your Father?

Never make a decision without stopping to consider the matter in the presence of God.

We've got to be convinced that God is always near us. We live as though he were far away, in the heavens high above, and we forget that he is also continually by our side.

He is there like a loving Father. He loves each one of us more than all the mothers in the world can love their children — helping us, inspiring us, blessing… and forgiving.

How often we have misbehaved and then cleared the frowns from our parents' brows, telling them: I won't do it any more! — That same day, perhaps, we fall again… — And our father, with feigned harshness in his voice and serious face, reprimands us, while in his heart he is moved, realizing our weakness and thinking: poor child, how hard he tries to behave well!

We've got to be filled, to be imbued with the idea that our Father, and very much our Father, is God who is both near us and in heaven.

Get used to lifting your heart to God, in acts of thanksgiving, many times a day. Because he gives you this and that. Because you have been despised. Because you haven't what you need or because you have.

Because he made his Mother so beautiful, his Mother who is also your Mother. Because he created the sun and the moon and this animal and that plant. Because he made that man eloquent and you he left tongue-tied…

Thank him for everything, because everything is good.

Don't be so blind or so thoughtless as not to enter inside each Tabernacle when you glimpse the walls or spires of the houses of God. He is waiting for you.

Don't be so blind or so thoughtless as not to invoke Mary Immaculate with an ejaculation at least, whenever you pass near those places where you know that Christ is offended.

As you make your way through the familiar streets of the city, have you never had the joy of discovering… another Tabernacle?

A saying of a soul of prayer: in intentions, may Jesus be our aim; in affections, our Love; in conversation, our theme; in actions, our model.

Make use of those holy 'human devices' that I suggested to help you keep presence of God: ejaculations, acts of love and reparation, spiritual Communions, 'glances' at a picture of our Lady.

Alone! You are not alone. We are keeping you close company from afar. Besides…, the holy Spirit, living in your soul in grace — God with you, — is giving a supernatural tone to all your thoughts, desires and actions.

'Father', said that big fellow, a good student at the university (I wonder what has become of him), 'I was thinking of what you told me — that I'm a son of God! — and I found myself walking along the street, head up, chin out, and a proud feeling inside… a son of God!'

With sure conscience I advised him to encourage that 'pride.'

I don't doubt your good intentions. I know that you act in the presence of God. But (and there is a 'but'), your actions are witnessed or may be witnessed by men who judge by human standards… And you must give them good example.

If you accustom yourself, even only once a week, to seek union with Mary in order to go to Jesus, you will see how you have more presence of God.

You ask me: why that wooden Cross? — And I copy from a letter: 'As I look up from the microscope, my sight comes to rest on the cross — black and empty. That Cross without its Crucified is a symbol. It has a meaning which others cannot see. And though I am tired out and on the point of abandoning the job, I once again bring my eyes to the lens and continue: for the lonely Cross is calling for a pair of shoulders to bear it.'

Live in the presence of God and you will have supernatural life.

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