The glory of God

It is good to give glory to God, without seeking foretastes (wife children, honours…) of that glory, which we will enjoy fully with him in the next Life.

Besides, he is generous. He returns a hundredfold; and he does so even in children. Many give them up for the sake of his glory, and they have thousands of children of their spirit. Children, as we are children of our Father who is in heaven.

Deo omnis gloria. All glory to God. It is an emphatic confession of our nothingness. He, Jesus, is everything. We, without him, are worth nothing: nothing. Our vainglory would be just that: vain glory; it would be sacrilegious robbery. There should be no room for that 'I' anywhere.

Without me, you can do nothing, our Lord has told us. And he has said it so that you and I won't credit ourselves with successes that are his. Sine me, nihil!…

How can you dare use that spark of divine intelligence — your mind — in anything but in giving glory to your Lord?

If life's purpose were not to give glory to God, how contemptible, how hateful it would be.

Give 'all' the glory to God. 'Squeeze' out each one of your actions with your will aided by grace, so that there remains in them nothing that smacks of human pride, of self-complacency.

'You are my God, I give you thanks, I extol you, my God'. — Beautiful aims for an apostle such as you.

May no other attachment bind you to earth than the divine desire of giving glory to Christ and, through him and with him and in him, to the Father and the holy Spirit.

Rectify, purify your intention 1 How tragic if your victory were to be rendered worthless by your having acted for human motives!

Purity of intention. The suggestions of pride and the impulses of the flesh are not difficult to recognize… and you fight and, with grace, you conquer.

But the motives that inspire you, even in the holiest actions, do not seem clear; and deep down inside you hear a voice which makes you see human reasons in such a subtle way that your soul is invaded by the disturbing thought that you don't act as you should — for pure Love, solely and exclusively to give God all his glory.

React at once each time and say: 'Lord, for myself I want nothing. All for your glory and for Love.'

You must indeed have purified your intention well when you said: from this moment on I renounce all human gratitude and reward.

References to Holy Scripture
References to Holy Scripture
References to Holy Scripture
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